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Bettelynn McIlvain is an energy healer in the New York city area. Trained and certified by LLyn Roberts of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide as a Master/teacher, Bettelynn is also certified and registered as a yoga teacher specializing in Yin Yoga.  She studied internationally with Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga, and domestically with Yin yoga icon, Paulie Zink.  Bettelynn offers public workshops, group classes or inspirational lectures to help self-empower students who seek personal growth or simply seek deep relaxation and energetic balancing. If you want a greater understanding of how using the healing magic of nature and spirit to improve your life, Bettelynn's warmth and experience can help guide you along the way.  

"I love the quiet meditative practice of yin yoga but also feel the calling of spirit.  I learned that the power of Reiki lies in our love and connection to our inner life and to each other. And I also learned that Shamanic Reiki works if we truly want to change negative habits and beliefs that do not support your well being in a shifting world.

Working with me you will learn simple earth-based approaches that can set you on the path you were meant to follow. You will learn how to fill your life with positive energy that hopefully brings  you comfort with all aspects of who you are. Love who you are and in turn that love can change your relationships and the world for the higher good. 

 My purpose is to share the richness and the resilience the energy wisdom of  Shamanic Reiki brings to anyone who wishes to gain insight into their own heart and into the heart of others ." 

With love and light, Bettelynn



The Usui Tibetan System of Natural Healing is a gentle practice where the practitioner either places their hands on the client or hovers the hands over their aura. This technique is used to connect the client with a universal life force promoting relaxation and a sense of well being. Negative energies can be released and a sense of harmony with life may be achieved.  

Shamanic Reiki

Combining ancient shamanic  practices with time-honored Reiki, this technique self-empowers the client to help change energetic, spiritual and organic patterns that result in negative life experiences. The student or client learns how to help themselves by participating in the session. Elements of nature are used.

Animal Reiki

 A peaceful and calming technique to relax and soothe fur beings. Energy can be offered either in the presence of an animal or long distance.   

Yoga workshops and classes

Bettelynn is also a Registered Yoga Alliance certified instructor offering workshops and classes in Sacred Yin and Restorative yoga. Trained by internationally known teachers  Paulie Zink, Sarah Powers, Sally Miller, and Jillian Pransky, her classes are designed  to relax and nourish both body and mind.